A long forgotten product, now rediscovered and revaluated, it is among the tastiest and most delicate cured meat. SALUMIFICIO MARCHISIO lard is made from the fat of the pig back, carefully salted and hand-rubbed to let the meat slowly absorb salt and spices. In this way, fragrances spread equally on the product giving to Marchisio lards a unique and inimitable softness and delicacy.
It is perfect served with chopped nuts, pure honey, chestnuts or dried figs.

Classic Lard    images10V3LM2U

This classic version of Marchisio Lard, cut in thin slices, will make you exclaim “it melts in your mouth!”.

Lard with Barolo wine

The king of Langa red wines, Barolo Docg, takes part in the creation of a traditional SALUMIFICIO MARCHISIO cured meat: Lardo al Barolo.
The production starts with the selection of the first choice pigs with the finest fat: once the meat is trimmed, the fat is carefully rubbed with selected sea salt in different times. After seasoning we laid it in oak wood barrels called “barrique”, covered with Barolo wine and spices that give an exceptional taste and fragrance to the lard.

Lard with herbs    images10V3LM2U

Much appreciated by gourmet and restaurants, both in Italy and abroad, Marchisio Lard with herbs is made with high quality meat from pigs exclusively bred in Italy, taking the fat from the pig shoulder. This products is an essential ingredient for traditional soups and it is exquisite as an appetizer, thinly sliced on a piece of crunchy warm bread. You can also use Lard to wrap a filet before cooking it.

Lard with pink pepper

The tastiness of Marchisio Pink Pepper Lard comes from the selection of the best cuts of high quality pigs, along with the spices and salt used to rub the fat during the seasoning time.
Adding to the mixture grains of Pink Pepper gives to the lard that specific taste, delicate and spicy at the same time, that can satisfy even the most demanding palates. Served on warm slices of crispy bread, it frees all his taste and fragrance.

Lard with walnuts

SALUMIFICIO MARCHISIO also offer the classic match lard with walnuts, chopped and sprinkled on the lard. This product it’s also perfect with a drop of mountain honey on top.

Lard with flowers petals

This product is the perfect expression of SALUMIFICIO MARCHISIO creativity. The classical recipe for Marchisio lard, with the addition of flowers petals and herbs from our mountains, gives to the taster hints of mountain flavour.

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