Fresh meat

Fresh meat

In addition to the range of cured meat products, SALUMIFICIO MARCHISIO offers to his customers a selection of fresh meat cuts or fresh processed meat products, with the certainty of buying a healthy, high quality product. All pork meat are from pigs born and bred in our controlled supply chain, only including farmers from Cuneo region. Our meat is characterized by a genuine and vivid red colour, a natural sapid taste, the right compactness, a good balance between neat meat and fat and a plain taste that you can only find in excellent meat.

Marchisio Fresh Meat is certified by the CON.SA.TI. Consortium for the supply chain traceability and origin control of “Cuneo Traditional Pork Meat”.

fresh meat

SALUMIFICIO MARCHISIO fresh meat is exclusively from a controlled supply chain that certify the Italian origin: our pigs are born and bred in Cuneo farms. Fresh meat is available in the traditional butchery cuts.


Pure pork sausages, made with first choice meat from our controlled supply chain. Gluten free.

leg and loin ready for baking

A solution of water, salt and spices is injected in pig legs and loins. With this method the fresh meat is ready to be baked in the oven, perfectly salted and flavoured.


Pure pork cotechini (little fresh meat sausages in natural casings, ready for cooking) made with first choice pigs from our controlled supply chain. Gluten free.


Tasty bites of alternated pork meat, pork sausage and yellow and red peppers on a spit to be roasted on a grill.


We make our hamburgers with first choice pork meat, in classical version or with special ingredients:

  • Hamburger with Grana cheese and chives
  • Hamburger with Mozzarella cheese
  • Hamburger with olives and capers
  • Hamburger with onions

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