Sale Terms

The following sale terms apply to the online sale Service supplied by Salumificio Marchisio s.r.l. on the e-commerce section of his website

Salumificio Marchisio s.r.l.
S.P. 564 Mondovì-Cuneo, n°3 – 12080 PIANFEI (CN) – ITALY
Tel. 0174 585167 – Fax 0174 585168
REA n° 80662 della CCIAA di Cuneo
CF e P.IVA 00182890046

The following sale terms refers exclusively to the online sale Service supplied by the Company through the e-commerce section of the website
The object of the present sale terms are the high quality cured meat products illustrated in the shop section of the website

Contract finalization/Order submission
Orders can be forwarded through the online sale Service on the website, it is not necessary to register and login to the previously mentioned website to use the online sale Service.
The order submitted by the customer through the website section dedicated to the usage of the sale Service will be accounted as a buying proposal to the Company for the chosen products, on the basis of the present general sale terms. The sale will be considered finalized at the payment submission.

The total sale costs include the following:

  • Goods price: the prices showed in the shop section of the website are meant for piece, the include VAT and they apply to the following European Countries: Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland and Switzerland.
  • Transport cost: the transport cost indicated in the following table are meant for a maximum 5kg order. Contact us for orders exceeding the mentioned quantity.
Country Cost
France (island excluded) €  34,50
Germany €  21,50
Netherlands €  21,50
Austria €  21,50
Belgium €  21,50
United Kingdom €  36,50
Ireland €  80,00
Switzerland €  31,50


The Company will calculate possible costs variation when receiving the order: according to the delivery address, for example, the transport company could calculate an additional cost for areas difficult to reach. In this eventuality, the Company will communicate to the customer the variation on the costs: the order will be shipped only once the additional cost is paid.

Delivery/Delivery area
We manage order deliveries with an external transport company toward the following European countries: France (island excluded) Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland and Switzerland). For delivery addresses outside the mentioned countries, please contact us with a request specifying the complete delivery address.  According to the goods destination area, delivery could take from 2 to 15 days, except for unforeseen difficulty.

Payment can be made online through the PayPal payment system or through a Credit Card.
We require payment at the submission of the order. The Company will ship the goods only when the order has been entirely paid.

Products unavailability
In case some of the ordered products are momentarily unavailable, the Company will communicate the customer the unavailability of the products in order. In this case, the customer will have the right to cancel the order.

Order withdrawal
The customer can revoke an order within 24 hours from the order submittal directly contacting the Company at the email address or calling the number +39 0174 585167.
The customer right to withdrawal after 24 hours from the order submittal apply to the following cases:

  • Costs variation – in case of additional costs communicated to the customer after the order submittal and payment, the customer will have the right to revoke the order with the above mentioned methods.
  • Products unavailability – in case of unavailable products, the customer will have the right to revoke or modify the order with the above mentioned methods.

In any of the above described cases, the Company will refund the paid amount within 14 days from the order withdrawal reception.

Right of withdrawal
According to European Directive 2011/83 we inform customers of the following.
The customer can exercise his right of withdrawal within 10 days from goods reception writing a letter

“To the attention of Salumificio Marchisio s.r.l.”
S.P. 564 Mondovì-Cuneo, n°3 – 12080 PIANFEI (CN)

with the listed below methods:

  • Registered mail with return receipt, possibly preceded by fax or email.
  • Email or fax communication, confirmed by registered mail within 48 hours.
  • In any of the above cases the relevant date for withdrawal communication will be the registered mail delivery date. The customer who exercises his right of withdrawal has the right to the refund of the products price, without additional fees. Costs of transport remain on the customer and will not be refunded.

Fax +39 0174 585168 – email:

In case the customer exercises his right of withdrawal, he will have to take all the necessary precautions to store and return the goods intact and in perfect conditions. The goods will have to be shipped within three days from the withdrawal date and correctly delivered to the Company. Transport costs for good restitution are entirely on the customer.
The Company will refund the price of the goods within 30 days from the date of goods reception, as long as all the products are intact and in perfect conditions.

The right of withdrawal is not enforceable in the following cases:

  • Customized products, especially made for the customer
  • Deteriorated products or products that risk to deteriorate during transport

If the above instructions are not carefully followed, the customer right of withdrawal will not be enforceable, along with every right to goods restitution and price refund.