Raw Salami

Raw Salami

Marchisio Salami are the typical example of traditional fine food prepared exclusively with the best selected meat from national pigs, born and bred in Cuneo region. Fresh meat is carefully milled and a selection of well-balanced spices and salt is added to the mixture, following original recipes. The mixture is then stuffed in natural casings, with accurate techniques that follow the best artisan tradition, and salami are ready: a slow seasoning takes place in special rooms recreating the environment of traditional cellars called “paiole”, where salami develop their unique taste and fragrance.

Because of the care we put in our work, the attention paid to each single piece of salami and the time required for a good seasoning, our production depends on manufacturing times.

Marchisio Classic Salami

Classic Salami is made following old recipes from Piedmont rural tradition, using first choice Italian pork meat: its medium milled mixture, with a rich taste, takes different fragrances depending on the seasoning period. Alone or in a sandwich, the traditional salami is a healthy product indicated for adults and children, for a fancy happy hour snack or a genuine school break.

Classic Salami in "bocconcino" shape

You can find the unique taste of Classic salami in this nice shape: a necklace made by many little bites of pure pleasure.

Turista Cuneo Salami    images10V3LM2U

This particular recipe, genuine expression of Cuneo’s oldest culinary tradition, has been rediscovered and described in a precise procedural guideline where meat from local farms meet red wines from the nearby hills giving off unique fragrances and tastes. This salami is listed in the Piedmont Region register for typical products.

Salami “della Rosa”

The distinctive trait of this salami is the casing: as handed down from generation to generation, the “good” salami are traditionally the one stuffed in the finest casing, called “rosa”. Made with first choice selected meat, “della Rosa” Salami is characterized by a lean mixture and richness of fragrances and tastes, thanks also to the delicate casing. Slice it on a wooden cutting board, just before eating.

Strolghino Salami

This little salami will delight your palate!! Strolghino salami is made using the leanest and finest cuts of the pig leg, seasoned with delicate spices. His little slice is an excellent appetizer.

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