Raw ham

Raw ham

Raw ham is a famous cured meat product from the Italian culinary tradition, made with the finest pig legs, selected with high quality standards, salted and seasoned in Italian “Prosciuttifici”. SALUMIFICIO MARCHISIO offers two versions of this exquisite product.

Parma Raw Ham D.O.P.  logo-dop[1]

Every week SALUMIFICIO MARCHISIO selects the first choice pig legs from our controlled supply chain and bring them to a seasoning company, called prosciuttificio and listed in the Parma Ham Consortium, where the meat is salted and carefully seasoned. The collaboration with the Parma Ham Consortium make us proud to include in our range of products this exquisite and delicate ham.

National Raw Ham 

The same pig legs from our controlled supply chain are used to produce another high quality cured meat: National Raw Ham. SALUMIFICIO MARCHISIO brings the meat to be seasoned and salted in the best prosciuttifici, offering to its customers a fine product to taste simply sliced, as an ingredient for your fancy recipes or in Italian-style sandwiches.


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